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Judo was created in 1882 by

Jigoro Kano

Judo, which means "gentle way" is a martial art that was born in Japan, and it is now known around the world as an Olympic sport since 1964. Judo was established in 1882 by combining jujitsu, a form of wrestling, with mental discipline. It is the most widely-practiced martial art in the world, and the second-most practiced sport worldwide behind football


Ippon is the best in that it results in immediate victory and can be achieved by throwing an opponent in such a way as to make then land on their back. Alternative methods of scoring ippon include trapping an opponent in an armhold or stranglehold to the extent that it forces them to submit or immobilising an opponent on the floor for at least 20 seconds.The next best score is a Waza-ari, which is a half point in that the award of two waza-ari in a bout is the same as ippon, and hence the winner is declared. Waza-ari is awarded for lesser throws than those scoring ippon, and for immobilising the opponent for less than the time required to score Ippon.

Jigoro Kano

From the twelfth to the nineteenth century Japan was ruled by the samurai, a class of professional soldiers. This provided fertile ground for various martial arts to develop.

In addition to fighting with swords and bows and arrows, the samurai developed jujitsu to fight enemies at close quarters on the battlefield. Several different styles of jujitsu evolved, and hand-to-hand combat spread as an important form of military training.

The era of samurai rule came to an end with the Meiji Restoration of 1868, and Western culture began filtering in into Japanese society. Jujitsu fell into decline, but the enthusiasm of one young man rescued it from extinction.

That man was Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo as we know it today. Kano excelled in schoolwork but had an inferiority complex about his small physique. So he became an apprentice of Yanosuke Fukuda, a master of the Tenjin Shin’yo school of jujitsu, when he was 17 and worked to become stronger.

In May 1882, when he was just 21 years old, he took the best things about each jujitsu style and created a single new school. This was the birth of modern Judo.

jigory kano judo


Judo 4 Juniors have a number of coaches who teach within our schools. They are all DBS checked (formerly known as CRB), UKCC Qualified, first aid certificated, insured, and have a wealth experience and achievements to provide the highest level of tuition possible for your children.

lasha lekishvili judo

lasha lekishvili

Lasha is the head coach of Judo 4 Juniors. 1st Dan Blackbelt. Former Team GB international representative and UKCC level 2 coach qualified.

tommy mercer judo

tommy mercer

Tommy trains full time to achieve his goals of medals at top competitions. Tommy is part of the RAF judo team and wants to help the next generation enjoy judo as much as he does and often volunteers his time to help coach and encourage the kids on the mat

nina solley judo

nina solley

Nina is currently a Full time judo athlete, who is training for the 2024 Olympic games. Nina is a fantastic judo player who is picking up domestic and international results and shares her wealth of knowledge with the kids at our sessions.

natalie hall judo

natalie hall

Natalie is the girls coach for the surrey Judo and south of England squad, as well as being international player in her competitive days, Natalie has now coached children for the age of 5 years old upwards for over 15 years and has produced many national and international medallists.

judo 4 juniors

We offer children the opportunity to learn martial arts from elite qualified coaches who have a wealth of coaching experience and who have personally competed at an international level representing Great Britain. Judo 4 Juniors teaches children life skills including discipline and respect as well as giving children the opportunity to develop confidence ,become stronger mentally and physically and all whilst having lots of fun.

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Within the class children are taught a number of safe and controlled techniques. Judo is a throwing sport so the first technique children are taught is a break-fall (how to fall properly) the emphasis for us is safety and fun so learning to break-fall will help the children to enjoy judo to its maximum.

As well as learning Judo moves/techniques the children will also learn Japanese terminology and the translation into English.

why do judo

  • Helps build confidence, co-ordination, balance, self defence and strength.
  • Teaches discipline and respect.
  • Great exercise for your children.
  • Provides a ladder of achievement f rom white belt to black belt grading.
  • Most importantly, it is great fun!

Schools who already incorporate judo in to their curriculum before the school day starts (as a breakfast club) have reported that the children who attend the club arrive in class more alert and energised ready to start the academic day ahead.


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